How to Improve Performance with a CBD Protein Bar

How to Improve Performance with a CBD Protein Bar

CBD is setting the wellness world on fire. With the prohibition on CBD products slowly being lifted across the United States, more studies are bringing the health benefits of CBD to light. From its anti-inflammatory to anti-cancer to antioxidant properties, CBD has a long list of potential health advantages. One of those positive effects is performance enhancement. Consuming a hemp protein bar prior to and after physical activity can go a long way in improving your performance. Let’s take a look at the many reasons a CBD protein bar is the superfood that will give you super gains.

What is in a Hemp Protein Bar?

When many people see the letters “CBD” on a product, they automatically associate it with marijuana. That’s because CBD products and recreational marijuana both come from cannabis plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD can’t get you high.

Most cannabis plants contain two main chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Their job is to stimulate cannabinoid receptors within a complex community of vital organs known as the endocannabinoid system. When THC from female cannabis plants enters the bloodstream and stimulates these receptors, it creates psychoactive side effects.

However, CBD is derived from hemp, which is the male cannabis plant. Hemp does not have any psychoactive abilities. It just has healing compounds that promote homeostasis in the system.

In order to be certified as a CBD product and not as marijuana, there must be less than 0.03% of THC present. Therefore, consuming a hemp protein bar will deliver therapeutic cannabinoids to the system without the high feeling. This is why a CBD protein bar is one of the best workout meals you can have. Now, let’s go over how a hemp protein bar can improve your overall performance.

CBD Protein Bars Reduce Stress

Exercise is a great way to combat stress. However, physical exertion also adds stress onto your body. Anytime we are under stress, our body produces hormones from an area within the endocannabinoid system called the adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands are responsible for producing hormones that are necessary for a person to respond to stressors, such as exercise. While the adrenal system produces a number of hormones, the ones that have the most influence on physical performance are adrenaline and cortisol.

While you can imagine what adrenaline is for, cortisol is a hormone that causes our body to go into fight-or-flight mode. So, when we are running hard on cardio day or trying to breathe into a new yoga pose, or attempting to get in a few extra reps with the weights, cortisol kicks in. It draws your attention to the aches in your muscles. Cortisol is the nagging voice in your head telling you to quit.

Studies show that the sedative-effects of CBD can help balance out cortisol levels. Therefore, eating a hemp protein bar prior to working out can help combat the stress you feel when you are pushing yourself to the max. This leaves more room for adrenaline to get you to the finish line.

Hemp Protein Bars Are Anti-Inflammatory

Performing a sport, sparring, exercising, however you stay active can cause wear and tear on the body. Everytime we exert ourselves past our limits, we will feel pain in the moment. Taking off for first base after a grounder to shortstop can have your quads on fire. Beasting through a back squat may result in your back to tense up. This is because your perfectly content tissues and muscles are being shaken to their core.

Studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabinoids from a hemp protein bar combats peptides, calcitonin gene-related protein (CGRP) and OX-42. These are two major precursors in creating the pain sensations you feel when performing at your best.

Consuming a hemp protein bar prior to physical exertion can further help with your muscle soreness because of other ingredients in the product. For instance, 5280 Bars contain sunflower seeds, which are high in Vitamin E. This essential vitamin promotes recovery. Therefore, eating a CBD protein bar prior to physical activity will ease the aches and pains that comes with your rewards.

CBD Helps Long-Term Pain Issues

As any athlete knows, sports can do a number on your body in the long-run. One of those consequences is bone and cartilage loss. When situations like this happen, it can lead to long-term conditions such as arthritis.

Healthy bones naturally rejuvenate themselves in a process called osteoclast. During this process, bone tissue should absorb whatever nutrients are left in dead bone tissues and grow into bigger and stronger tissues. Arthritis becomes chronic because dead tissues around the bone are no longer being rejuvenated.

Studies found that cannabinoids such as those found in a CBD protein bar may help facilitate some of this bone metabolism process. That’s because CBD stimulates the mRNA expression necessary to create collagen.

Collagen is what gives our bones its structure. Plus, it speeds up the rejuvenation of dead cells. When this happens, the area is no longer infiltrated by inflammation, which causes no more pain sensations for the physically active.

One of the amino acids necessary for this process is lysine. That’s what makes 5280 Bars a good choice for a performance-enhancing CBD protein bar. These bars contain whey, which is high in amino acids such as lysine. This makes the building block of life more readily available for the cannabinoids in the hemp protein bar.

CBD Protein Bars Help You Push Through

Part of what makes a hemp protein bar the perfect performance-enhancing snack is that it helps you with your focus. Focus is always important, especially in training. It’s easy to lose sight of your form and get in your head. Your mind goes a mile a minute and all you want to do is end the torture and go eat some ice cream at home.

The endocannabinoid system oversees many cognitive functions such as attention. Studies have shown that CBD reduces hyperactivity. Therefore, pregaming your workouts with a CBD protein bar can help keep your eyes on the prize.

Consuming a hemp protein bar such as 5280 Bars helps you push even further because of their other performance-enhancing ingredients. Dried cranberries in these CBD protein bars are not only there to add sweetness, but they naturally contain fructose. These are healthy sugars that your body converts into energy to get through the exertion.

CBD Helps Your Heart

When you perform, your heart gets a workout. It needs to pump blood through the arteries to all the muscles that are under stress. However, it also needs blood to come back to it so the heart can keep pumping.

Studies suggest that CBD can help with this process. That’s because when CBD stimulates the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system, a natural byproduct is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps clear out the pathways of the arteries, which allows oxygenated red blood cells to circulate throughout the body. Therefore, increased levels of nitric oxide helps modulate the heart for strenuous activity.  

Power Up with a CBD Protein Bar

If you want to improve your performance, try using a hemp protein bar as your pre and post workout snacks. They help reduce stress and keep you focused on the task at hand. Hemp protein bars give your heart the burst it needs to push through and the energy necessary to shine. Consuming a CBD protein bar can help with the aches and pains that comes with rising and grinding. Next time, ditch the sugary protein bar and go with a hemp protein bar.

What gets you pumped up for a good workout or big game? Sound off in the comments below!

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