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Optimal Recovery Snack

5280 Bars™ are a tasty, guilt-free choice to help you meet your health and nutrition goals. Packed with ingredients that are both healthy and delicious, 5280 Bars are the “Optimal Snack”- a full spectrum 25mg hemp bar disguised as a decadent soft-baked cookie.

5280 Bars are free of processed sugar, gluten, wheat, soy, and trans fats. Made with all-natural, non-GMO vegetarian ingredients, ultra-clean protein, and 60% full spectrum hemp oil it’s the perfect morning or afternoon focus me-up. 5280 Bars gives you the opportunity to make healthy snack choices every day. Low sodium, low calorie, and naturally sweetened with coconut nectar, 5280 Bars are an easy and convenient way to fuel and focus your body on the go.

5280 Bars meet or exceed the minimum nine grams of protein nutritionists recommend, and are ideal for energizing and replenishing before and after exercise. Full spectrum hemp oil studies have been proven to reduce inflammation post workout. 5280 Bars also help stave off the “hangries!”. Offering an extra boost of protein, smart carbs, and fats, 5280 Bars support muscle recovery (whey), provide healthy fiber (chia and flax seeds), reduce inflammation (cherries and pumpkin seeds and studies have shown, full spectrum hemp), and give your body the additional calcium, iron, and healthy fats (nuts and chia seeds) it needs.

Thoughtful Ingredients for a
Healthier You!

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